Linear Blocks Series HG45

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Technical Details




 H   Total height  42  mm
 H1  6  mm
 N  31  mm
 W  Block width  90  mm
 B  72  mm
 B1  9  mm
 C  52  mm
 L1  93  mm
 L  Block length  120,4  mm
 K1  25,75  mm
 K2  6  mm
 G  12  mm
 M  M10
 T  8,5  mm
 T1  16  mm
 T2  10  mm
 H2  6,5  mm
 H3  10,8  mm
 Mass  1,44  kg


Load ratings and torques

 Cdyn  Dynamic load rating  58.600  N
 C0  Static load rating  93.990  N
 M0X  Static moment  880  Nm
 M0Y  Static moment  920  Nm
 M0Z  Static moment  920  Nm

Load ratings

Static load rating C0

If a linear guideway system is subjected to excessive loads or impacts during movement or at a standstill, localised permanent deformation occurs between the track and balls. As soon as this permanent deformation exceeds a certain level, it affects smooth operation of the guideway. According to its basic definition, the static load rating corresponds to a static load that causes permanent deformation of 0.0001 × ball diameter at the contact point that is loaded the most. The values are given in the tables for each linear guideway system. Using these tables, the designer can select a suitable linear guideway system. The maximum static load to which a linear guideway system is subjected must not exceed the static load rating.



Permissible static moment M0

The permissible static moment is the moment which, in a defined direction and size, corresponds to the maximum possible load on the moving parts by the basic static load rating. The permissible static moment is defined for linear motion systems for three directions: MX, MY and MZ.



Heat-resistant linear guideways

Solid steel block SE

For continuous operation at temperatures above 80 °C, solid steel blocks with steel deflection systems are used. The standard end seals are replaced by heat-resistant end seals and the plastic cover caps of the profile rail by brass cover caps.





HICOAT CZS is a very thin zinc coating that offers a very good corrosion protection, even on radii and chamfers. Smaller bare parts stay protected by the cathodic corrosion protection. Compared with uncoated pieces this leads to significantly higher periods of use. The CZS coating is available for the HG, EG and CG series. Further information can be found in the catalogue “Linear Guideways” under chapter “HIWIN coatings for linear guideways”.


HICOAT CTS is a thin layer chrome coating that offers good corrosion protection and a very high wear protection. The high wear protection results from the extraordinary hardness of the coating. The CTS coating is free of Cr(VI) and suitable for use in food stuffs. It is available for the HG, EG, CG and WE series. Further information can be found in the catalogue “Linear Guideways” under chapter “HIWIN coatings for linear guideways”.




Long-time lubrication unit E2

The long-time lubrication unit considerably increases lubrication intervals. Depending on the application and ambient conditions, it can achieve lifetime lubrication. It also considerably reduces lubricant consumption, as only the required quantity of lubricant is applied. The compact construction and special design allows the block to be fitted in any position without impairing the lubrication function. The long-time lubrication unit can be used at ambient temperatures of -10°C to +60°C.

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