(Iso Metric) MCQI 3

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Product Information
  • Non-lubrication –Special housing and bushing enables self lubrication of piston rod.
  • High quality-long service life – Hard anodised aluminium cylinder tubes offer a high resistance to corrosion and low internal friction.
  • Automatic air cushioning –Pneumatic cushioning at both ends without adjusting.
  • Low noise level –Add cushion pad to reduce impact sound and vibration.
  • ISO 15552 standard specification – Conforms to iso 15552 specification enabling worldwide interchangeability.
  • Easy to insert reed switch – With four grooves on the tube, proximity and reed sensors can be easily inserted into any position.
 Model  MCQI3
 Tube I.D. (mm)  32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100
 Medium  Air
 Operating perssure range  0.05~1 MPa
 Proof pressure  1.5 MPa
 Ambient temperature  -5~+60°C (No freezing)
 Available speed range  50~500 mm/sec
 Sensor switch  RCI (Please refer to page 8-14)
ISO 15552 Standard Profile Cylinder   Download 

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